About Me

Hello world! My name is Minica. I am addicted to DIY. I live with my boyfriend, our dog and cat in a beautiful house in upstate New York. I have lived in New York since 2004, but I was born and raised in New Mexico. Having an online presence is all very new to me but I am excited to venture on to bigger and more exciting things! I hope to see you there :)

Creativity, Crafts and this Website

At a young age I started sewing. I made myself these killer bright blue baggy pants in elementry school and I couldn't stop sewing from then on. Being able to say, "Ya, I made this!" was my addiction. I liked suprising people. I liked doing things people didn't think I could do. 

This is the way I think about creativity - the best way I can sum up all my favorite things to do. If there is a problem, need or idea I want to find its solution - and I gotta get my hands a litte dirty. I love doing the research, then drafting a plan. Many design sketches fill up pages in random notebooks. I write out my supply list and I get to work immediatly. So, anything that can fit into that description - I'll do it and I'll love it.


My blog posts will often be about my projects - whatever they may be at that time.  

Education and Career

This is copied from my LinkedIn - it is super serious.

As a graduate of a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Technology, I have a wide range of skills in design and conceptual thinking. My Architectural degree gave me a complete knowledge of graphic communication. 

Although my career direction has changed over the past few years as I am currently a Supervisor in a Customer Care Call Center, I have gained skills from my Architecture Degree that I use on a daily basis. As a supervisor, I brainstorm, develop, critique and plan. I use my creative thinking skills from my college education to better understand the reason behind problems and to see the opportunities within that problem. I have become detail oriented from my college education and can deliver clear objectives in any communication format. With my college degree in Architecture I have learned how to deliver an effective presentation that gains the buy-in of my audience. I have learned the importance of follow up and feedback and consistently look for opportunities in myself to improve. These skills, among others, have helped grow my abilities in leadership, communication, coaching effectiveness and mentoring.

Currently I am looking to gain more knowledge and am in the process of applying for my Master’s in Critical and Creative Thinking. I feel this degree will offer me a different perspective when motivating and coaching in such a way that will promote learning, encourage the effectiveness of looking at things differently, and inspiring people to experiment until they find something that works for them to succeed in the call center environment. I also feel this degree will help me implement new ideas into our environment by being better able to evaluate my plan in a critical way and make sure it fits into our company’s overall mission. 

As for the future, I see myself being part of a group that designs, develops and implements new ideas to improve performance and coaching effectiveness as well as promote positive relationships and employee morale.

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