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Hey there, I'm Minica!

I'm a new mom, DIY addict,
Lego builder and Rottie lover. 
I want to help young working
professional women create
one place to organize their thoughts, plans and goals so that they can focus on 
living in the moment. 

How it all began...

At a young age I started sewing. I made myself these killer bright blue baggy pants in elementary school and I couldn't stop sewing from then on. Being able to say, "Ya, I made this!" was my addiction. I liked surprising people. I liked doing things people didn't think I could do. 

This is the way I think about creativity - the best way I can sum up all my favorite things to do. If there is a problem, need or idea I want to find its solution - and I gotta get my hands a little dirty. I love doing the research, then drafting a plan. Many design sketches fill up pages in random notebooks. I write out my supply list and I get to work immediately. So, anything that can fit into that description - I'll do it and I'll love it.

Can you relate? 

I can get so caught up in planning, that I forget to live too. The task lists never end and seem to stare at me with glaring eyes every day.

I needed a planner that created

a no-pressure, safe-space

for me to plan and allow me to

live in the moment. 



I started selling planners purely for my own personal needs, but OBP is now helping so many others who are looking to get relief from their constant plans and tasks. 

Gosh, the hustle culture is fun but it's sooo overwhelming.

Keep going! I want you to be successful. 


OBP can help you create a balanced life that allows you to accomplish goals and enjoy every moment of it.  

Let's do it together.

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