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  • So you really don't make 12 month planners?
    That's correct. But you can find a few as digital downloads.
  • Can you make a cover using one of my own images?
    Probably YES! Message me on Etsy and let's talk about it. Just two important things: The picture will need to be portrait orientation. I will not use any pictures with copyrighted material in it.
  • Do you sell physical stickers?
    Right now, OBP only sells stickers as digital downloads. You can purchase them through Etsy and you will be sent a digital file consisting of PNG files only.
  • What sticker paper do you recommend?
    Online Labels sells the best sticker paper in my opinion. When you purchase sticker from Offbeat Planners, all the files are sized to fit on a letter size paper or an A4 sized paper.
  • Can you make your stickers in a custom color of my choosing?
    Yes! I have done this many times, and the majority of my stickers are requests for special colors. I do not accept custom listings. What this means is I only take requests for new products. Most people love my stickers and are just looking for a specific color scheme. Message me on Etsy and let's chat.
  • How do I pick my own color scheme?
    Please make sure to message me on Etsy for any inquiries about requesting your own color scheme. If we set up an agreement, the best way to pick and send me your colors is using a color palette generator. This is one that I like: You can generate color palettes based on color harmonies or build your own. To add more colors to the generator, click the plus sign on the right side of the page. I will need 7 colors for my sticker designs. If you send me less than 7 colors, I will pick the rest. I will make sure they match and look good overall.
  • How do I print stickers from OBP?
    Your stickers will be in PNG format. This means they have a transparent background. With PNG files, they are not sized to a specific paper size. So you can print them on any size paper. Letter size and A4 work best. Open the the PNG file on your computer. For a mac, if you double click on a PNG file, it will open in the Preview App. From here, go to the Print menu. - Find an option for scaling. Make sure this is at 100% - Confirm that you are NOT printing double sided - Pick your paper size and orientation. For OBP stickers, always chose portrait. - If there is an option for Quality, I usually suggest printing at the highest option if you are printing on sticker paper. - You will also want to check the paper type. My printer does not have a specific setting for sticker paper. I set mine to Premium Matte Presentation Paper. For reference, I have the HP OfficeJet Pro 8740 Printer. When I use the settings above, I get very nice prints on sticker paper. (FYI - I do not recommend this printer. It's a headache.) TIP: do a test print on cheap paper first to make sure everything is correct!
  • How do I cut out my stickers?
    There are so many options! By hand. Here are my favorite tools: Exacto Knife: Amazon Gyro Blade: Amazon Paper Trimmer: Amazon Circle Punch that is the same size as the circles in the sticker sheet. Micro Tip Scissors: Amazon With a Cutting Machine: Cricut Explore. I would genuinely recommend a Cricut over a Silhouette for beginners. There is a large community for Cricut on Instagram and Youtube. Cricut Joy will work, but you will have to manipulate the PNG files. Read more in the additional FAQs. Silhouette: I would recommend a Silhouette for someone a bit tech savvy. The design space, Silhouette Studio, does have a learning curve. The free version of the Studio app is very robust and if you want to upgrade its only a one time fee - no subscription!! I know there are other cutting machines on the market, but I do not have any experience with them. What do I use? Well, I own a Silhouette and I love it. I don't use it often though. I actually find cutting stickers out a bit therapeutic. I use Micro Tip Scissors and a Gyro Blade.
  • I own a Cricut Joy. Will your stickers work for me?
    Yes. But you will have to do some workaround and some edits to the files I send. The sticker files from OBP are sized to fit Letter size or A4 sheets of paper. Anything smaller and the stickers will get cut off. The Cricut Joy does not technically support Print and Cut. You will need to workaround the system a bit. Here is an excellent tutorial. Additionally the PNG files from OBP will need to be cropped to fit the cut area on a Cricut Joy. First, upload the PNG file into Cricut design space. Next, crop the design into smaller pieces such that these smaller pieces will fit onto your Cricut Joy Cutting mat. Here is a tutorial on how to crop an image in Design Space. Print these new cropped images. You can still print them on a letter size or A4 paper. After it has printed you will need to trim the paper to fit onto you mat. From there you can start your cut!
  • Where do I get free stuff?
    Sign up for the OBP email list at the bottom of any webpage.
  • Do you have any coupons?
    YES! My email subscribers get access to the best discount codes. Make sure to sign up at the bottom of this page.
  • When will you be launching a productivity course?
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