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Challenge: Organize your Craft Room

31 Day Craft Room Organizing Challenge

I can’t wait to spend the next 30 days with you!!! I will be starting this challenge on January 1st, 2017.

This ain’t your normal IG Challenge… you get a prize for playing!!! Well, kinda... Each day you complete a challenge you can put a set dollar amount (however much you want - if you want) in your Challenge Savings Account!! As you go through your room, I know you will want to go shopping for some organizing bins. The real challenge is to resist the urge. Keep pen and paper near by to list out any items you may want to purchase for your craft room. Depending on how well you do in the challenge, the more money you will save up to buy the items you need/want!

Also keep a list of all the half completed projects you will find along the way and any new projects you think of as you organize.

Please post each day on social media with hashtag #craftroomchallenge and #offbeatplanners so we can follow each others progress!

Day One: Its New Year’s Day. Today will be easy. Take a pic of your craft room right now! Don’t even think about tidying up (don’t touch that pile of trash to move it out of the shot) … show us your natural habitat – your happy place. Don’t be shy :)

Day Two: Review the next 28 days of this challenge. Grab your planner or calendar and block off time in your schedule each day for the challenge. We all know life gets busy and that is obviously the reason your craft room is a disaster and you are here taking this challenge. So plan for success ladies (or dudes ..?).

Day Three: Clean off all the table tops. Give yourself a clear work space on those tables! And vacuum the floor. Get rid of cobwebs, cat hair, thread pieces, scraps. Take out any trash from your craft room. DON’T go crazy today. Table tops, Vacuum and Trash – that’s all your doing today. Pace yourself, friend.

Day Four: Dust. Move those weird ass knickknacks you have on all your shelves and dust the shit out of them. Put them back in their place because I know you’re not gonna get rid of them no matter what I say in this challenge. The struggle is real, I know. Dust where ever else needs a good dusting. Should we have vacuumed after Dusting instead of before? Idk now.

Day Five: Fold all your fabric in nice neat squares. Find a place to keep them. Good tip – cut out a square of cardboard to use as a template when folding – all your pieces of fabric will end up the same size once they are folded.

□ Day Six: Organize your sewing supplies. Scissors, needles, thread, tape measure, etc etc. Notions will be tomorrow – that’s a big beast and it needs its own day.

□ Day Seven: You guessed it, NOTIONS! Buttons, elastic, ribbon, zippers, anything you bought at JoAnns. Put all the things in their own spots.

WEEK ONE IS OVER!!! You did it. How do you feel?

□ Day Eight: Cutting and Sewing Area (or workspace area if you don’t sew). Organize it. Make yourself a Machine cover. Put your scissors next to your cutting mat. Any other sewing stuff??? You should probably organize now because were moving on next week.

□ Day Nine: Scrapbook Paper, Vinyl, Laminate Sheets and Printer Paper. Gather it all and put it all in one spot. If you collect Project Life Cards organize those now too. I put mine in Project Life Binders so I can skim through them easily. But keeping them in Shoe Boxes is perfect too.

□ Day Ten: Paints. Grab anything that is related to painting and put it all together. Brushes, paints, papers, those cool watercolor pencils (I know you have some!).

□ Day Eleven: Note books, planners, pads, Sticky notes – anything you take notes in. Yup, gather em up and pick ONE spot for them. Also grab any paperclips, sticky tabs, and push pins laying around. Put them in a box and find them a place near your notebooks.

□ Day Twelve: WASHI DAYYYY. Now don’t get distracted today. Stay focused. You will be organizing your Washi collection. Organizing your washi is an event. Give yourself a few hours.

□ Day Thirteen: Stickers. Is it just me or do you also struggle with organizing stickers??? I just can’t find the perfect solution. For now, get a shoe box and toss them all in. The goal is to keep them together. If you have the time today, stop in to Michaels and grab those cheap ass picture books and fill them up with stickers.

□ Day Fourteen: Drawing Supplies: Grab anything you use when drawing, sketching, coloring, etc. Markers, pens, colored pencils, crayons, pastels, etc. Check out Pinterest for creative ways to store all your pens.

□ Day Fifteen: All that weird shit for scrapbooking. You know, like the little metal hangers you bought by Tim Holtz 5 years ago from Michaels. Or those chipboard US States. Or those fabric flowers. Or those …….

□ Day Sixteen: Beads and Jewelry. I don’t make bead stuff or jewelry. But I’m sure there are other crafters out there who have a mess in this category. For me…. Challenge Day complete: free money for me! YAY!

□ Day Seventeen: Knitting and Crochet. Organize your yarn supply. Also, fill a cup with your knitting and crochet needles.

□ Day Eighteen: Books. Any books you have for reference or inspiration? Grab any lying around and put them back on the shelf.

□ Day Nineteen: Etsy/Shop Organization. If you sell your crafts, today is the today to get that space organized. Any packaging items, business cards, etc that you use regularly? Put them in a spot. Organize your inventory of already made goods.

□ Day Twenty: Things in boxes you haven’t looked at in a while. I’m sure you one of these bins. Open it up and go through it. Put the things in their places or get rid of them.

□ Day Twenty-One: Electronics. I didn’t know what to name today. But We all have some electronic devices in our craft space. A computer, speakers for your music, a TV maybe? Organize your electronics. Tie up all the cords and hide them. Also, find a shoebox for any random stuff – like extra extension cords, surge protectors, etc.

□ Day Twenty-Two: Glue. I have a box for Glue. It also stores tape, glue guns, and anything that sticks things together. Make a glue box if you need one.

□ Day Twenty-Three: Patterns. Sewing Patterns and Stencils. My ultimate goal is to put these in a binder with nice laminated pages. Ugh… pattern heaven. For now, I would suggest just lining them on a shelf or use shoe boxes. If they aren’t in envelopes grab some baggies to store them in.

□ Day Twenty-Four: UNFINISHED PROJECTS…………. Gather all your unfinished projects and decide if you want to finish them some day (not today). If you want to finish them… save them, and find them a place. Otherwise get rid of it!!! OR maybe save it. Maybe save it, just in case.

□ Day Twenty-Five: Make your room look pretty. Hang up some pictures and decorate with some flowers or signs. Already have pics up? Swap them out for a fresh new look for the new year. Show us your before and after please.

□ Day Twenty-Six: FREE DAY – Pick your focus today. Any craft stuff I missed that still needs your attention? Well, get to it girl. Please post what you are organizing today so I can add other ideas to this challenge for next time. If you don’t post today, crafters everywhere will be unorganized for the rest of their life. Ya, I’m pretty sure that will happen if you don’t post.

□ Day Twenty-Seven: Walk around your whole house and pick up any random crafting stuff you have left in other places. Use a laundry basket to gather all the things. Then bring the basket to you craft room and put everything in its place.

□ Day Twenty-Eight: SO I have a couch in my craft room. Its where my boyfriend sits when he wants to hang out with me but I want to craft. So today, clean stuff in your craft room that isn’t really related to your crafting. I will be vacuuming the couch today. For you, that could be cleaning windows, mirrors, touching up that scuffed paint on the wall…idk.

□ Day Twenty-Nine: Let’s Dust and Vacuum again.

□ Day THIRTY!!! – Grab your Camera. Take some action shots. Work those pics. Show us your success!

□ Day Thirty-One: What are you treating yourself to with the money you earned? Or are you doing something different to end this challenge? Please let us all know.

I hope you all had fun. And I hope your craft room is thanking you right now. How much money did you save for yourself??

… the real challenge begins… keeping your craft room organized FOREVER.

Thank you so much for joining me in this challenge!

- Minica @offbeatplanners

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