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How I organized my Etsy Shop Workspace

Most of the organizing advice I find is for homes and living spaces... How to organize your kitchen. How to organize your linen closet.

These organizing tips focus on organizing similar items with each other.

You might be thinking, organizing similar items makes perfect sense! And it does for your kitchen, and your linen closet. But my workspace is a place where I need to maximize my efficiency, work faster with zero errors, and spend less time thinking about my process and more time creating products.

Here is a picture of my workspace currently. It's not too bad. A bit messy.

Here is my workspace after organizing it specifically for efficiency and not organization. I used my FREE Guide as I organized.

Besides picking up and sweeping the floor, I made two specific changes.

  • One cup of all the tools I use to make my products. I can put this cup on the table as I work, and easily put it away. All the tools are there, and only the exact tools I need. I don't have dig through a pile of 10 pens to find my cutting knife. There is only one of each tool I need. Extra are kept out of my way in storage on my craft shelves.

  • The trash can is near the cutting area. I can quickly wipe scrap cuts into the trash. This minimizes extra motion from turning around to find the trash, walking over to the trash and inevitably dropping scraps on the floor causing more time wasted cleaning up the floor.

At this point you may be thinking, "Ok so you added a cup and you moved the trashcan. That is not groundbreaking organization techniques."

And you're right. BECAUSE I needed to stop organizing for order, and instead organize for efficiency! This one cup and moving the trashcan means I no longer have to clean up the floor after every working session. I no longer leave my tools out on the desk and therefor I no longer spend time searching for them when I come back to work.

Here are a few other spots in my workspace that are organized for efficiency:

  • The paper cutters are next to the printer so the paper can go right onto the cutter. To the left of the Printer is where I keep the paper after it's cut. The drawers are all labeled so i can clearly see what each stack of paper is.

  • My laminator is on wheels so i can quickly move it aside when not in use and pull it out when i am ready to use it.

  • I have a corner dedicated to packing and shipping.

I couldn't be happier with these simple changes. As I think of more ways to increase my efficiency, I will be implementing that into my organization techniques too!

Want to try it out for yourself? Download your free step-by-step guide to maximizing efficiency in your workspace HERE!


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